Gel polish manicure set "CHERRY JAM" for beginners

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1. Prepare a nail plate as usual: make the manicure and form the nail with the file 180/240 grit.
2. Rough up the nail plate with a buffer 100/180 grit.
3. Remove fat and moisture excess from the nail plate with Didier Lab Dehydrator.
4. If there is a need varnish all nails with additional adhesion product: Acid free Bond, Extra Bond Nail Repair, Acid Primer or transparent base (ATTENTION: This step is not mandatory!)
5. Varnish all nails with a base coat. Place in the lamp: LED 30s / UV 1min
6. Varnish all nails with Macarons Gel Polish color 1-3 layers. Depends on effect you would like to get. Place in the lamp: LED 60s / UV 2min (If lamp wavelength is 395-405nm ).
7. Use Top Coat. Place in the lamp: LED 60s / UV 2min.

The Macarons collection are varnishes made, as for our other ranges, from an easy to work texture and perfectly covering. The small particles contained in these semi-permanent varnishes will allow you to diversify your poses and create ever more unique designs.
Apply in 1, 2 or 3 coats depending on the desired effect, from a light to deeper impression. As a full cover of the plate or as a nail art element.
Capacity 10ml.
• Self-leveling consistency
• Fast and uniform coverage
• Texture comprising small black particles of various shapes
• Catalysation in 60s under LED lamp / 120s under UV lamp
• Dissolution in acetone

Manicure stick, 5 psc

Cuticle Remover “Didier Lab” (15 ml)

Nail file, halfmoon, speedy zebra, 180/180 Didier Lab, (*in case this specific product is out of stock, we add the most similar instead)

Didier Lab” Nail buffer, grey 100/180 (*in case this specific product is out of stock, we add the most similar instead)

Didier LAB Macarons Ferrerra (Color depens on a set name)

Gel polish Studios, Top No wipe, 8 ml

Gel Polish Pure Acetone “Studios Didier” (150 ml)

Gel Polish Dehydrator “Studios Didier” (150 ml)

Didier Lab, Studios Strong Base