Expert mixing bowl "Didier Lab" Esthétique

Professional Mixing Palette 1 pc.

Excellent hygiene is essential in any beauty treatment, especially with
work around the sensitive skin of the eyes! A professional mixing palette is an essential tool for the eyebrow lamination procedure. It's a great way to organize the workspace -
prepare all 3 solutions in one place for easy and quick access. The palette has a special feature - a comfortable groove to place the brush. It keeps the brush in place and won't let it fall or collect dirt. In addition, it is an extremely comfortable tool
to paint eyebrows. Very easy to clean and ready for reuse!

- Does not absorb the color of the dyes
- Minimal product wastage
- Made of high quality material
- Beautiful and stylish design
- Durable plastic that is easy to clean
- Overall diameter: 95mm