Feet care set with Nano Glass file, purple

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The safe Nano Laser glass foot file is made using the most advanced laser sharpening technology. It is the latest technology in the world that ensures the safety and 100% water resistance. Ergonomic and comfortable Hold & Rub system. Tempered, durable, and anti-corrosion glass. 

Nano glass provides the best cleansing power for wrinkled skin. The fine sanding surface will easily and safely remove dry, rough skin and soften scabs. It only takes 2-5 minutes and your feet will be smooth and beautiful. Easy to clean and maintain. Just wash the foot file under running water.

Foot  salt "Didier Lab", 500g

Sea salt with goat's milk perfectly softens water and feet. This remedy should be used for baths before a pedicure.

Active ingredient -  Goat's milk is mentioned in Hippocrates' notes, named as a healing essence. It is a great moisturizer for dry and aging skin. It is rich in vitamins - A, B1, B2, B5, B12, D, E, C, unsaturated fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, trace elements: potassium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, calcium.

Sea salt - reduces joint pain, promotes blood circulation, provides a disinfectant effect. It is one of the most effective components of skin and nail care
This product is ideal for feet, but can be used for hand and body baths.

Regenerating Foot Cream "Didier Lab", 250 ml   

Intense action cream for cracked and dry feet.

Active ingredients:

The urea (Urea) softens, moisturizes and helps to remove the horny layer of skin.
Amino acid (Arginine) is responsible for the pH balance of the skin. Maintains skin compatibility, improves skin condition and maintains moisture.
Allantoin is an excellent remedy for wounds and ulcers.
Lime extract (Lime extract) is a powerful antioxidant such as: Vit C, Citric acid, Flavanoids. Lime extract prevents skin aging processes.
Glycolic Acid is considered to be the most penetrating organic acid, reaching even the deepest layers of the dermis.
Lactic Acid (Lactic Acid) promotes skin regeneration, brightens and moisturizes the skin.

Softens and removes squamous skin cells
Prevents skin cracking / peeling and speeds up healing
Reduces itching itching
Stops the appearance of different types of print
Quickly absorbs and intensively moisturises
The feet become light and revitalised

Method of use:

Massage a small amount of cream onto the toes and toes. Use the cream at the end of the pedicure procedure or for daily foot care.

Capacity: 250 ml