Gel polish Top coat no wipe "Didier Lab", Pop Star, No2

£10.39 £12.99

From now on, any of your favourite gel polish colours can "shine through" in a new and original way!

Introducing the latest top coats that serve a "2 in 1" function - luxurious glittering + top gel polish layer in one. Pop Star Top Coats are enriched with various-sized iridescent and even holographic glitter, making your nails appear adorned with multicoloured gemstones.

  • A product that doesn't require an additional top coat.
  • Long-lasting effect guaranteed.
  • Non-wipe top gel layer.
  • Top coat enriched with large, medium-sized, and small glitters.
  • Protection against mechanical damage and colour fading.
  • Broadly compatible - suitable for use with all gel polish systems.

It will work perfectly for both full nail polish coverage and individual decorative elements. You can choose to apply either 1 or 2 coats, thus adjusting the intensity of the effect.

Curing time: 2 minutes under a UV lamp / 1 minute under an LED lamp.

Please note: the duration and intensity of the topcoat's shine directly depend on proper curing.

After the curing period, it's recommended to use nail oil, and any excess can be removed with a non-fluffy tissue.

For professional use. Harmful if swallowed, absorbed through skin on inhaled. Do not spray, do not heat. May cause allergic skin reaction.Causes eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation. Made in France.