Polygel "Studios Didier", cover nude, 30gr

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Didier Lab Polygel is not an acrylic or hard gel. It's an all-in-one revolutionary system, an acrylic-gel hybrid that outperforms the best in gel and acrylic. It's TriPolymer technology that lets you get things done quickly, but with no hurry. The unique texture of the viscous putty ensures a smooth surface of the formed nail and color. The polygel composition combines the strength and durability of an acrylic powder with the odorless properties of a gel as a monomer-free photoinitiator. TriPolimer fillers are heavier than air and 30% heavier than acrylic powder and hard gel. As a result, the dust settles on the table practically without being dispersed in the air.

TriPolimer technology is: Gel oligomers + Acrylic polymers + Varnish polymers


Odorless or barely perceptible odor

Contains no monomers 

More durable than acrylic, more flexible than gel

The unique consistency of the viscous putty allows you to work in a hurry

The formed material does not detach from the nail plate

Does not heat up in the lamp

No fine 'flying' dust. The dust is heavy and settles on the table immediately

Much less feeling of an extended / reinforced artificial nail


- To strengthen weak cracking nails 

- For extensions

- To smooth out a deformed nail plate





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